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#NeverForget: Remembering 9-11 victim Peter Edward Mardikian

Tribute In Light

It’s still hard to believe even today that something as horrifying as 9-11 happened on our soil. But it did, and we must never, ever forget it. Time passes on and life goes on, but for the victims – such as Peter Edward Mardikian, their families, and for the future of America, we must always remember – and always remain vigilant against the Islamofascists who would like nothing more than to mit many more 9-11s......   [Read More]

If You’re Perpetually Offended, Please Stay Off The Nextdoor App

Annoyed Internet reader

I joined Nextdoor about a year and a half to two years ago after getting an invite in the mail from someone in my neighborhood who started a group on the app. I looked forward to reading about issues facing my and surrounding munities, learning about uping events like yard sales, fun gatherings, neighborhood watch news, and other things of general interest to people who care about and want to stay involved in local activities that would better their neighborhood......   [Read More]